Australian Veteran Photography Exhibition

Showcasing career imagery and accompanying stories from Australian veterans, this exhibition brings a voice to the unique stories of all serving personnel and provides a rare glimpse into the life and experiences of fellow Australians who have served their country. 

Now in its third year, Point & Shoot Veterans Photographic Exhibition launched onto the national stage in 2022. 

Covering military service from post World War II onwards, Point & Shoot commemorates a range of modern conflicts, peace operations and service.  The exhibition features a collection of veteran imagery taken within Australia or on overseas operations accompanied by the veterans personal account of the image.

Point & Shoot is the concept of Point Assist founder Mark Direen, a former Infantry and Special Forces soldier with over 25 years military service including 6 overseas deployments. 

Mark’s own experiences as a soldier were the impetus for this project. Operating in remote, high threat environments is both physically and mentally demanding. It was behind the lens of a camera, capturing both the ordinary and extraordinary experiences as a combat soldier he found stillness and meaning.  Looking back at a plethora of images post service, Mark then began to wonder, maybe others do this too and so the concept began. 

The purpose of the Point & Shoot exhibition is not to display perfectly captured photos from professional photographers. But rather, to share some of those moments frozen in time that those who serve our nation thought were worth remembering.

We invite all Australian veterans to submit an image. Everyone has a story and we encourage you to share yours.

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