2022 Gallery

2022 launched Point & Shoot onto the national stage, sharing veterans stories from across the country.

We know firsthand veterans need to be interacting with their communities to keep that strong sense of belonging they had during military service. A sharing and recognition of military experience simultaneously grows societies maturity and understanding of service and combat while helping eliminate the stigma veterans can feel about their experiences.

‘A soldier cannot fully return to their family and community until they are able to share their experiences’

To the veterans who willingly share their experiences, images and stories and all who have taken the time to view this exhibition both online and in person to learn more about those who proudly serve our nation, thank you. Without veteran and community support, events like this would not be possible.

Support Point & Shoot in its valuable work of sharing veteran stories and integrating military experience into the community

Share your thoughts with us to help us grow this event.

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