‘Members of Clearance Diving Team 3 travelling the Iraqi border to collect a Silkworm Missile. With no desert cams and a mismatch of uniforms, we were unprepared in most ways to be on the world stage. But in true Aussie spirit we accomplished what only Aussies can do when faced with adversity. I chose the SLR as my personal weapon as it reminded me of the stories I read of Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam.‘ 

Daniel Williams, Kuwait, 1991 

Daniel Williams

Daniel shares ‘I remember as a child looking at my Father’s images of himself in West Papua, WW2 and now 33 years on, I am looking at myself. Those experiences have made me who I am today and bring back memories of the great bunch of men I served with who are all still mates today.’ 

Point & Shoot is a great platform for storytelling and an awesome opportunity to see inside the personal life of Veterans during their service and to appreciate their experience.

Daniel joined the Navy in 1985 as a Seaman Gunner. Fascinated with being a Navy Diver, he passed his Clearance Diver’s course in the winter of 1987. He had served on HMAS Darwin and HMAS Curlew prior to changing over, and was lucky enough as an 18year old to sail from Sydney to Hawaii in 1986, escort the Royal Britannia, with the Queen and Duke on board around the East Coast of Australia.  During his Diving Career, he served in CDT – 2 Experimental Diving Unit, CDT – 1 ODF operational Diving Unit East Coast, Diving School as an assistant Instructor, HMAS Moreton as the Leading Seaman Clearance Diver and CDT – 3 during Operation Desert Storm Kuwait 1991. His last posting was at the Diving School where he was the first Leading Seaman Clearance Diver to be allowed to Supervise and train Scuba Air Divers to 20m. He left the permanent Navy in 1996, staying on with the Ready Reserve, finishing in 2000 with OP Gold 2000 Olympics, underwater IED response. 

Daniel Williams at the 2023 Point and Shoot in Brisbane.

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