The image shows myself, far left, and my Infantry students enjoying a Sports Afternoon. I was an RAAEC Instructor and these soldiers undertook Australian-standard courses to become eligible for promotion to Senior NCO level or higher.  
Instruction in the classroom was in English, usually the students’ third language. Outside the classroom, conversation was often in Tok Pisin and friendships were formed over many a sporting and social event.  

Vanimo, Papua New Guinea, 1970 
(Image c/- Boyd Robertson) 

Greg Ivey

Greg was conscripted into the Army in early 1969 following one-year’s experience as a teacher. While he was trained for an Infantry role in the Vietnam War he was selected to work as an Education Instructor for the Army in PNG. Of this posting Greg says, this was the best a soldier could wish for in 1970. This Army Outstation was sited strategically close to Indonesia but was also tropical, comfortable and unspoiled. Our duties were not onerous, allowing us to explore the landscape and waterways in the company of relaxed and skilful PNG soldiers. From his time he developed lifelong friendships with the people of PNG and many return visits.

On the power of sharing his images with the public through Point & Shoot, Greg tells us he is pleased to be a part of raising awareness. ‘Commemoration of military service is both therapeutic and affirmative for current and former military personnel; and reminds civilians of the debt they owe to all those who have worn a military uniform.’

Mark Direen (Left) and Greg Ivey (Right) at the 2023 Point and Shoot in Brisbane, Queensland.

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