Ken Bailey

‘Following our training exercise in Shoalwater Bay, I along with other National Service Men was deployed to Terendak Garrison, Malacca, replacing the Regular Service Men of 4 RAR who were redeployed to Vietnam.  

The image is after a long hot training exercise in the jungle’.

Ken Bailey, Malaysia, 1967-68 

My image represents part of my and Australia’s DNA of the 1960 and 70’s and the National Service Era and Vietnam conflict; a lottery I didn’t want to win.

I was a young man of 20 years from a small country town in Queensland and being ripped from the bosom of my family and community, with the possibility of being sent off to war, was very daunting. Fortunately that didn’t happen, I spent three months basic training at Singleton then joined 1 RAR at Holsworthy Barracks in Sydney. I was then assigned to 4 RAR and served eight months of my compulsory 2 years service in Malaysia at Terendak Garrison in Malacca before returnng home to Australia to restart my civilian life and career.

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