Untold Stories

The stories and acts of bravery and courage that are often recounted in military history do not happen in isolation. It is the sacrifices of the many that allow the stories of the few to be told.

These are a selection of untold stories we have uncovered throughout the life of Point and Shoot to date.

We also honour the countless more still waiting to be shared.

Greg Ivey

The image shows myself, far left, and my Infantry students enjoying a Sports Afternoon. I was an RAAEC Instructor and these soldiers undertook Australian-standard courses to become e…

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Daniel Williams

‘Members of Clearance Diving Team 3 travelling the Iraqi border to collect a Silkworm Missile. With no desert cams and a mismatch of uniforms, we were unprepared in most ways to be o…

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Ken Bailey

Ken Bailey ‘Following our training exercise in Shoalwater Bay, I along with other National Service Men was deployed to Terendak Garrison, Malacca, replacing the Regular Service Men o…

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Gordon Ross

Gordon Ross Gordon spent 20 years in the RAAF as an aircraft Radio Technician, working on F-111 strike aircraft, Iroquois helicopters, Chinook helicopters, Canberra bombers, HS-748 n…

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Jack Roughley

Tribute to WO2 John William “Jack” Roughley My name is Chris Roughley and Jack Roughley is my Dad. Although I am approaching 70 he is still my hero.  Dad was born in…

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MWD Richa

MWD Richa Richa was born in April 2002 in Europe before being selected for the USAF United States Air Force Specialised Search Dog program. Due to being too aggressive on odour, Rich…

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Rex Targett

Rex Targett Rex served in Vietnam 1969 with 1 Field Sqn as an engineer clearing mines. He remembers the first night arriving in the country listening to artillery firing and thinking…

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Matthew Millhouse

Matthew Millhouse To the majority it’s just another war story. A story that is starting to fade into the vastness that is the other 102,000 stories on the Roll of Honour at the Austr…

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Mark Direen

Mark Direen Mark Direen was born and raised in Hobart, Tasmania. From a young age Mark showed an interest in the military and in 1993, at age 18, enlisted into the Australian Regular…

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